Want to surprise someone special with a gorgeous unique birthday (or no occasion) cake? Have a favorite recipe your Mom or Grandma used to make for you?? Craving something special from your past? 

Everything I do is to your specifications on your time schedule. There is never anything sitting around in THIS bakery!  Delivery is available or we can rendezvous at a convenient, central  location. Most orders can be filled in 24 hours but PLEASE order ahead  when possible!



       If you are looking for the most delicious, moist, gorgeous cakes and desserts in this area,  you have found the right place! From my farm on the north side of Asheville, in my tiny custom-order only bakery, my baking comes directly from my heart. I am dedicated to producing outstanding, unique and superior products. My innovative, nature-inspired "four season" cakes and wedding cakes have really become my specialty. It is so fun for me to work together as a team with my customers and brides to create these original custom works of art. The combination of a brides theme along with what is happening in my gardens and the forest here in the mountains is incredible!! My daily walks in my own wilderness are always an inspiration for that time of years creations!                                         I am so happy for the way the word has spread about my  niche as your personal "custom order" specialist!! DSCN2620
 One of my main  "trademarks" is that my desserts are not overly sweet! I find so many cakes, pies, etc; to be over the top with too much sugary sweetness and unnecessary extras. Of course this is MY preference -- your wish is my command!! One taste of one of my pies, cakes, cheesecakes, or other assorted desserts and pastries and you will really taste what sets me apart! Beautiful fresh fruits, our own farm-fresh eggs, artistic flair and top-notch ingredients really make the difference. Old family recipes tweaked with a new-fangled touch make for real old-fashioned goodness!

Visit my blog  "Brookescooks Barn and Bakery" for more about my wonderfully interesting life here on the farm

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